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Essential Smarts Culture and Engagement Survey (Beta)

Why should you care about engagement?

To be successful, an organization needs a strong culture—a shared set of goals, values, and way of thinking and relating—that allows people to thrive and do fantastic work. Creating a culture goes beyond providing foosball tables, nerf guns and team happy hours. It requires a clear vision for how your company will succeed, and a collective passion and purpose for achieving this success. Most importantly, a great culture is founded upon appreciation for people. Simply put, when your people flourish, so does your company. Research has shown that higher employee engagement benefits companies in the following ways:

  • Increases profitability
  • Reduces turnover and attrition
  • Enhances productivity
  • Improves well-being in the workplace

Your company is unique

Although there are dozens (hundreds?) of surveys available to examine employee engagement and organizational culture, we’ve been frustrated by the options we’ve studied. Engagement assessments are usually designed for generic corporations, with an emphasis on traditional employee roles and organizational challenges. But engagement issues are industry specific. The challenges faced in orthopedic hospitals are different than those experienced by commercial builders, which are different from those found in heavy manufacturers or seasonal recreation companies.

At Essential Smarts, we custom design our employee engagement surveys for each specific industry. We begin by doing a deep dive into economic and workplace issues, studying industry statistics, research articles, social media and peer commentary. Then we get our feet on the ground and perform empathy research—talking to dozens of managers, leaders, and line workers, as well as observing workplace environments and interactions. From this research, we form a detailed understanding of the engagement issues specific to your industry. Finally, we take the time to understand what is unique about your organization—its story, personality, values and vision.

What sets us apart?

Our survey is founded on cutting-edge research in innovation, organizational theory and positive psychology, and is benchmarked against high-performing companies with compelling cultures. We are thought leaders in the field of career development and workplace well-being. Our work has been used to promote health and wellness, empathy and compassion, and professional development in corporations, universities, and nonprofits, and has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, and

  Traditional Culture and Engagement Surveys Essential Smarts Culture and Engagement Survey
Target Organization Enterprise corporations with 500+ employees Companies with industry-specific employee and business challenges
Implementation Requires dedicated HR staff to implement No HR staff required
Design and Analysis Designed for traditional corporate hierarchy, workplace and technology Reflective of today’s rapidly evolving workplaces (flat organization, flex jobs, social communication, agile development)
Scores and Benchmarks Culture and engagement scores are benchmarked against all US companies Culture and engagement scores are benchmarked against high-performing organizations in your industry
Workforce Segmentation Minimal, based on demographics and career category Integrated segmentation based on motivations, values, and personality
Feedback General recommendations for large-scale organizations Specific action steps tailored to your organization and industry.

The Essential Smarts Culture and Engagement Survey is designed to be given one to three times per year and includes a two-hour follow-up session to discuss the results and recommended action steps.


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